Black Friday November 28, 2019

Here at Amelie, we have been thinking a lot about sustainability of late and the impact fast fashion is having on the planet. Whilst we have always considered ourselves as advocates of slow considered purchasing, we also have to consider the fact we are a small independent boutique that, more often than not is up against the big retailers.

That’s why after much consideration we decided that this year we weren’t going to bow to the pressure of Black Friday discounting and focus on the notion of loving what you buy. We like to believe our clothes are in it for the long haul – effortless, classic styles that don’t age. Pointless discounts only devalue our clothes and at the same time, the people that make them.

Like our Instagram post pointed out what we do offer is a beautifully curated collection of brands, impeccable customer service and styling advice.

We never claim to be sustainable but what we can say is that we are on a path to being a more responsible retailer and deciding to eschew Black Friday is just one small step in the right direction.

We value our customers and really appreciate your continued support of indie retailers and shopping locally.



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