What we’re wearing now

Anyone else feeling a bit meh? Let’s face it, January isn’t exactly our favourite month but there is plenty to take our minds off the cold weather in store. Not only is it the perfect time to stock up on some end of season sale pieces – always invest in the basics during sale. But, what sparks the most joy (yes, Marie Kondo fan over here!) is that we are having daily deliveries of all the… Continue reading

Straight Talking

Denim Trends It’s true trends come and go, but denim trends? Not so much. We tend to stay true to a denim silhouette and stick to it – for years. We have been loyal to our faithful skinnies since Sienna Miller was dating Jude Law – yep, that long. So, it’s unsurprising really that we are finally seeing a shift in the cut of what is essentially the back bone of our wardrobe, the jean.… Continue reading