Every Body. July 17, 2019

Excuse our absence. We were enjoying our one day of summer. Can you tell I’m British? Literally obsessed with talking about the weather! Maybe that should my signature – so you know it’s me that’s written the post??

So, as it’s a lovely summer’s day it got me thinking about holidays and how that since I went on my first girls’ holiday to Pathos in the nineties I have been trying to get my body “holiday ready”. It never happened, but do you know what? We barely give ourselves credit. We all have our body hang ups, working in Amelie we hear it from our lovely customers on a daily basis and never have we ever clocked what they don’t like about themselves. Our minds work in such funny ways, it’s like all we focus upon is what we don’t like.

What I’m trying to say is, let’s love what we have and celebrate every inch of our loveliness. And you mustn’t forget we aren’t just here in Amelie to fetch you another size or wrap up your purchases we are also here to make you feel your best you. We want to find you that perfect leg lengthening jean or that flattering waist cinching dress. So let’s forget about sizing – it doesn’t matter. Life’s too short not to eat the cake. It’s about leaving the shop feeling good in what you buy and that’s a great feeling.

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