Introducing Puritx | Natural Aloe Vera Hand Sanitiser November 5, 2020

Manufactured in Herefordshire, PURITX is a natural hand sanitiser that combines organic Aloe Vera with pure essential oil fragrances.

It contains a natural plant based alcohol, distilled from grain grown in the UK, that is proven to kill 99.9% of all bacteria and microbes.

Once the alcohol evaporates from your hands you are left with just the essential oils and 99% pure Aloe Vera, leaving your hands feeling refreshed and gently fragranced.

These handy travel sized bottles are an ideal stocking filler!

Aloe Vera Hand Sanitiser – 60ml

1. Lemongrass, Basil & Patchouli
2. Geranium, Lime & Peppermint
3. Bergamot, Vetiver & Black Pepper
4. Manuka, Cedar & Grapefruit
5. Lavender, Mandarin & Jasmine

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