Escentric Molecules – Escentric 02 100ml

Escentric 02 from ESCENTRIC MOLECULES is based around the synthetic molecule Ambroxan, and combined with Vetiver and Muscone, a beautiful nature-identical (and cruelty free) musk. Orris, Elderflower extract and Hedione lift the top note, giving a clean, fresh scent, that dries into something warm and elusive.


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  • Unisex fragrance
  • Base: Ambroxan
  • Contains notes of: Vetiver, Muscone, Orris, Elderflower extract and Hedione
  • 100ml
  • Escentric Molecules

Please note: This product was produced using naturally harvested ingredients; you may notice subtle variations in colour, occasionally occurring over time. This variation will in no way affect the scent and, as a result we are unable to offer any returns or exchanges based on colour differences.

AMELIE are unable to ship Escentric Molecules products outside of the UK at this


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